Are you needing increased flexibility, improved balance and posture, joint health, or better circulation? Yoga can provide these benefits plus much more! For more information, please call 801-473-1887.  Our yoga instructors are very experienced in many varieties of teaching yoga.  Call today!

Private Instruction: $45 per session $140 for 4 sessions

Group Instruction: $60 per session $180 for 4 sessions

Each session can include any or all of the following:

guided practice through asana (yoga postures) designed specifically for you and your needs.

guided meditation

pranayama (breathwork)-various breathing exercises to help channel energy and focus the mind

Other Services Available:

Thai yoga massage–incorporates deep stretching with massage to relieve muscular tension, improve circulation and energetically balance the body

yin yoga sequences–consists of deep, prolonged stretching and meditation

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