NASM Certified Personal Trainer, B.S. Exercise Science, Golf Training Specialist

About Cody...

Cody is a certified personal trainer in the Provo and Orem metro area of Utah County. His certification is through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, one of the most highly regarded national certifying exercise agencies in the country.  He graduated from BYU in Exercise Science and has a very knowledgeable background functional training. He has taught special needs groups with various disabilities, trained clients of all ages from 14 years of age to over 70 years old, clients weighing all sizes from 90 lbs to over 450 lbs, and has handled many different types of injuries, some of which include various back injuries, shoulder problems, knee joint issues, heart problems, asthma, etc.  He is qualified to address any problem and create the best program that will fit your needs. 


Functional Training100%
Golf Coaching90%