The Secret to cutting fat!

AuthorTravis Lott
MagazineUtah Valley Health & Wellness

There are millions of weight loss articles, all with similar titles and claims, many of which do have a few helpful hints. However, the harsh reality is, if you’re still seeking out weight loss articles, none of those helpful hints really worked. Probably because doing a few simple exercises outlined in an article is not going to be enough to get you where you want to be. It’s going to require changing your habits. No one likes to talk about changing bad habits, because it is not as easy as catchy titles might suggest: “Three amazingly phenomenal fat blasting workouts,” or “Five tips to get a tight butt!” If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The truth of the matter is that you need to kick your butt into high gear and change your ways, if you truly want to see change that lasts.

So, let’s get serious about doing this! Maybe it’s time to be 100 percent honest with yourself and figure out why/how you gained weight or got out of shape. Do you work too much? Do you watch too much TV in your spare time, or stare at social media on your phone? Do you snack at night way too often? Overeat at every meal? Do you “not have enough time” as though no one else can relate, and you are just so unique that no one can understand how busy you really are?  Maybe it’s because you make too many excuses, as if your excuse is the only legitimate one, therefore nothing can be done to change. Let’s face it. Just fess up and admit that the only way you are going to see change is when YOU decide to make changes to your current situation. And that goes for anything in life.

Listen, I get it. I may not understand every individual circumstances that everyone has, but I’ve heard plenty of excuses as a trainer to know that most people have poor excuses for not finding time to make healthier changes in their lives.

So, now that you feel like you’re fifteen again and have just been scolded by your parent, let’s talk about some things that will help your situation and enable you to make healthier changes!

Choose a time to work out that fits your family’s schedule. Mornings are best for people that work full-time and have families, in my opinion. It doesn’t mess with family time because typically the kids and spouse are asleep in the early morning. And, if you’re single, then you really have no excuse!

Work too much? Can’t possibly change that? Well, no better time to find a new job than while you’re still employed. Life is too short to work so much that you don’t have time to prioritize your health. We all need balance in our lives to be more productive and happy. You control your future, not your boss. Choose a career that will support a healthier lifestyle that has balance.

Eat like crap? This is a hard one; trust me, I get it. Sometimes the best way is not going at it alone. Letting everyone know you are making nutritional changes to your life goes a long way. Joining groups that hold you accountable or hiring a nutritionist or starting a competition with friends and family also does the trick. All you need is 4-6 weeks to be solid and form that habit. Then it’s just a matter of time and patience to really see huge results with cutting fat!

For any questions, hit me up. Have a healthy start to the new year!