Nutrition Consulting


Being accountable to someone has proven to be the most effective method for developing habits and getting results!

Body Fat %

We take your body fat % and get your body measurements in 9 locations to track progress closely.


We thoroughly ask the questions to better understand your unique situation in order to help you achieve the goals you set


We provide the right balance of macro-nutrients your body needs for your individualized fitness program.


We not only take into consideration your calorie calculations, but we evaluate what foods will help with your fitness regimen

2 Locations

We have 2 locations where we can meet with you privately for nutrition consulting. We’ve got you covered!

Are you struggling with losing weight? Are you exercising for hours each day and not seeing results? Do you lack energy? Are you in risk of Diabetes or other health related issues due to weight gain/obesity?

Contact Leantrition today for a nutrition consultation! We will help you evaluate your current situation, break down the barriers that are preventing your progress, and create a plan that will help you get in the right direction about choosing the best variety of nutrient dense foods that are sustainable and within your budget. Let your body function the way it’s supposed to, with natural sources of food that are free of the poisons most processed foods have today. See the difference by calling us and scheduling a consultation now!


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*We never bind you in any long-term contracts, but all sessions purchased up front are non-refundable. They however do not expire. They are fully transferable