Staying fit for summer

The time is here. Summer is around the corner and you’re planning your family vacations! Most of us have a lot of things to consider as summer approaches. Soon the kids will be out of school, and summer plans start to interfere with the day to day regimen that was so earnestly established.  How are you going to stay on target?  I’ll let you in on a secret: You’ll more fully enjoy your summer, family vacations, reunions, and the many other activities planned if you have more energy and feel good for those fun packed months by staying consistent with exercising. Take advantage of the long days, keep yourself accountable, find weather appropriate workouts, and stay hydrated! Below we’ll go into further detail on each of these.

Lucky for us, when we set our clocks forward in March, we gave ourselves extra sunshine during the day and nice, cool, early mornings. Get out early for your exercise. You’ll feel refreshed and ready for a day full of fun, and you’ll skip the summer heat. If this time doesn’t work for you, wait until the weather cools off in the evening.

Next, ask yourself why you are working out. Are you training for a race? Do you have a goal weight you’re trying to reach? Setting goals for yourself and finding a friend to join in on your journey will make your workouts more meaningful. You may need someone or something (i.e. a 5K, triathlon, etc.) to hold you accountable and keep you on track. Trust me, signing up for an event will keep you on track! Also, when choosing a workout buddy, choose someone that knows you can make mistakes, but pushes you to keep going and keeps you motivated. Choose that person wisely and in return be that same person to your partner.

Is the summer heat getting to you? Try something a little different for your workout. Plan a jog through some shaded trails, go on a bike ride and feel the breeze, or take a swim and cool off at the same time. Keep tabs on the weather and take advantage of the nice weather trends. There are many ways to stay active in the heat, you just need to be creative and have fun!

You may notice that you are getting fatigued more easily in the summer. Your body is working double time trying to stay cool and keep up with your activity. Remember, it’s very important to stay hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you at all times, and if you pass that water fountain, get a drink. You may not realize how thirsty you really are. Not only does water keep you hydrated, it rids your body of toxins, delivers key nutrients, and helps maintain a balanced temperature and pH.

Remember to make exercise a top priority. You deserve to enjoy life— and your body deserves to be healthy. Good luck in the sun this summer, and enjoy the time the warm weather offers! If you have any questions, our personal trainers are here to help.

AuthorTravis Lott
MagazineUtah Valley Health & Wellness